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GloZell... Jay Leno doesn’t swallow!...

Diana Jenkins put in a request for me to be on the gust list for the whole year 2007, I hope it goes though. Won’t you miss this useful information?

Before the Guest list walks into the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno", Ed McMahon was walking toward us. Now he has got to be pushing 100 across the street. He was old but still had his charm. It was exciting to see him at his old stomping grounds. He is a legend. He didn’t walk through the back because he wanted people to see him. (Hey, milk it all you can) The young Hispanic security guard never even heard of him before. Who hires these people?

Guess which page can juggle his balls?

Guess which page (who is a fellow Gator) gave advice to a celebrity, who used it on the "Tonight show with Jay Leno"?

I sat next to the nice group of Armenian People. Laura was excited because her bother Michael was in the video "Were not going to take it" by Twisted Sister. It was shot at this high school Montabello High, in California.

Kenny (Borat’s fat sidekick in his movie) was once employed by Laura’s husband, for three years. Very nice!

Laura and her girlfriend had nice wedding rings on. Are all Armenian people nice, rich and live in Glendale?


Jay Leno told a group of second graders that he was going to eat a vegetable. The chef G. Garvin who has no neck, and wore the same shirt he had on the last time he was on the show, brought Jay some vegetables. Jay bit the broccoli and during the break he spit it out. I’ll forgive him for lying to little children… who were just looking after his health.

The teacher had on the worst top for her apple shape. It crossed where it should have crissed. No one told her she was going to be on national television! Teacher lady, go to Lane Bryant they will help you.

The children were in seats that had tennis balls on the bottom of the legs. Did they not know they were going to be on national television?

Dakota Fanning From the movie "Charlotte’s Web" is twelve and has had the same hairstyle for all twelve. She is very talented and told and interesting story of the development of her teeth. And some people think I should work all day. What, and miss a story like this?

Aaron Eckhart from the movie "Thank you for Smoking" was just as entertaining as Dakota’s two segments on her teeth. He needed to shave his beard, just like the non-Jewish page who is leaving us, named Derrick. Oy Vey!

Twisted Sister singing a medley of Christmas songs. Thank you, so much. Even if you didn’t like it, they were different and entertaining. The main guy, and the scary looking one, both had weaves worst than mine!

This show was about not eating a vegetable, or a pig, but keep smoking.

Remember, if you don’t have your health, what have you really got?…

Love Ya,