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GloZell on the Sly…

Lalo has got to go. Today is Lalo’s (a very nice page with a great smile) last day at NBC he has an terrific job at Fox. Make us proud.

At NBC there is more than one page named Jason. Do you know which Jason is a good cook, has tap danced for over 10 years, taken two years of ballet in order to play volley ball better? He’s tall good looking and straight? And yes ladies, he is single, and from what I can guess a size 12 shoe.

I met one of the friendliest people, named David. He’s from Canada. His co-workers Dana and Al think he is so funny. They all work for Marriott Hotel. Dana is director for owner & Franchise services for the company. She said she would hook me up with a room whenever I need. It pay to be nice, or be nice and you don’t have to pay.

Al was at the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" last Friday and couldn’t wait to come back again. He says he’ll be back again. David was cool and enjoyed the unofficial tour I gave. All of us were trying to get Dana to show her cleavage so somebody can get a T-shirt. But she wouldn’t do it, darn her moral upbringing.


Sylvester Stallone AKA "Rocky". He was delicious looking. He’s a little short because his shoes had the thick soles. But that’s fine by me.

Parminder Nagra from E.R. said that her Co-star John Stamos wears women’s underwear. Is any one surprised on that one?

Seal was the musical guest. Um… he has a nice voice. He must be more talented than I can see. His Supermodel wife was in the back of the studio listening, with their oldest child from another man.

Well this ends two weeks in a row the Tonight Show with Jay Leno has had black people on. NBC stands for Negro’s, Black’s, and Colored’s .

Remember, beauty is in the eye of a supermodel…

Love ya,