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GloZell’s Love Ride…

Well, I’ve got two more days left. I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle in order to be on the guest list starting in January.

Today we say so long to one of the best pages ever, Mr. Derrick. He got a chance to move up in the network to a better job. Derrick got a picture with Jay Leno today. I wish him well, because he is so nice all the time - everyday. I will miss you. You could have shaved your beard just once.

In the studio, I sat next to Diane who rides a Harley bike. Diana participates in the "Love Ride". That’s a fundraiser that Jay Leno started over twenty years ago. It’s when a bunch of riders get sponsored and raise money for Muscular Dystrophy. Jay Leno is always the Grand Marshall. Jay also gets some of his celebrity friends to ride also. One of his celebrity friends is Dan Haggerty the actor who played the lead on one of my favorite T.V. shows "Grizzly Adams".


Robert De Niro. Robert is a legend; I was honored to see him in person. He was soft spoken and I think he was wearing support socks. De Niro also loves black women (Who doesn’t?… maybe, Michael Richards). His wife is black and his children. His name could easily be Robert De Negro.

Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer looked good. Her weave was tight, and the dress was right. In the interview, I felt her speech was a little ghetto, but she still has star quality. She was very likable, and inspired me to do more stand up. Her voice was good and strong, but I wanted to hear that song "Your Gonna Love Me".

Remember, life’s a journey, enjoy the ride…

Love ya,