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Green and Black, Jack...

In the NBC Lobby, Mr. beam was bragging about his wonderful wife to her co-worker Robert Ellis on how she won her division at work. Mr. Beam was so proud. He deserves some cookies tonight, wifey.

Phill (A page) has not read my blog yet. I say boo to you, mister.

Attention, every one. Derick J. (a page) is not, I repeat, not a Jew. Let me tell you who is, Larry, Curly and Moe all three stooges. Derick just looks like one of the chosen people. Thank you Margaret (Jay’s Hair Stylist) for forcing him to get a hair cut.

Larry, when you take over Derick’s assignment all will be watching your grooming styles.

The host of the cable show "Pinks" was sitting behind me, how cool. It’s a racing show were whoever wins gets the pink slip of the loser’s car.

Jay made fun of somebody for being a Speech Therapist. Guess what Jay‘s major was in college?

Jay said he likes the show "7th Heaven". That show uses my church to film the church scenes.

I sat next to Larry Anderson and his daughters Nicole and Tori, and his son in law, Tyler, from Idaho. Larry works for United Airlines, and has truly enjoyed the time he spends with his beautiful family, AKA "The Kids".

Vicky was feeling better and sounding strong.


Jack Black was funny, and had fun cooking with Jay, and watching Kevin Eubanks play the Guitar during the breaks. Jack looks like the son of the dark haired guy who holds the cue cards up for Jay. You know the one who looks like he loves the Fonz from"Happy Days".

Chef G. Garvin, who looks like a fat L.L. Cool J with no neck, is entertaining and needs to bring a vegetarian dish, so Kevin can eat. We received the same cookbook he passed out before. I still can’t cook, but I thank you.

Paulina Rubio was the musical guest. She had to start over because something was wrong. This is the third time in a row something went wrong, and the musical guest had to start over. What’s up with that? The president of her fan named Rose, was their with several of Rubio’s die hard fans, mostly feminine Mexican men. Hola’

Please see "Jackson Frost "at The Troubadour Theater, it’s great.

Remember, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen…

Love ya,