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O, Jay and Glo…

Help, somebody! I would love to continue my visits at the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". If I can’t find someone to get me on the guest list, then Wednesday is my last day until further notice. I’m going to my cousins wedding in Florida and staying till the New Year. I’ll be back in California on the 3rd. I will miss you all.

In the NBC lobby, I ran into J.C. and his son Dex. This is their fifth time to "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". The last time J.C. cracked jokes with Jay Leno on stage and Dex was featured on the show.

Today was a pretty good show!


Samuel L. Jackson was cool. He seems like a likable guy. His cartoon "The Afro Samurai" didn’t look that good. Sam talked about his wife who loves sending him to the doctor. He is now on a diet which allows him to eat foods that work for his "0" blood type.

Then after a good long interview between Jay and Sam…

Nick Thune, a hilarious new comic who incorporated his guitar skills and his dry humor. The guy was great. His timing was perfect. I would love to see his concert. He should be invited back on the show again. Unfortunately Jay never got a chance to interview him.

Two out of three ain’t bad.

Musical guest Scott Weiland was more like Scott Wasteland. He was bad. I think he was high, or medicated or something. He didn’t capture the essence of the Christmas song he lifelessly sung. Scott should have been call snot, because he had a little something between his upper lip and his nose.

I hugged the on stage security guard Andrew, AKA "The Hair". He wasn’t at the show last Friday. Who does he think he is? There was no one to flirt with the hot girls.

Remember, It ain’t over till it’s over…

Love Ya,