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Ross is the pits, GloZell…

The almighty Christian (A page) took it upon himself to walk the guest list around the building instead of the usual short cut through the parking lot. I asked him why, he said" Americans need to exercise, so I walked them around the block. Then he scolded me for not obeying. He is off the chain. That was funny, strange but funny.

In the studio, I sat next to some terrific Flight Attendts, from American West. Which will soon be bought by Delta. Frank has history in the company since his wonderful uncle use to work for the same airline. (The name of the company has changed, but Frank refuses to say each name change. (He’s a rebel) Lori has a big rock on her finger, and she loves her children and rides dirt bikes. Brett makes tingly soap. They are from Phoenix, and are having a great time in California. Frank and Brett made Lori go to the" Tonight Show with Jay Leno" instead of getting a manicure and massage in order to relax before her sisters wedding.


Ross the Intern. Everyone loves him, he is so fairy funny. Ross was learning how to be apart of a pit crew for racecars.

Dennis Miller, he was booed at my University of Florida’s Gator Growl 1994. Go Gators! (Largest pep rally in the world) That’s when I decided to be a comedian. I figured I could be bad. And that same rally, Jay Leno sent a message to " Let the Gator Growl". I knew then I would be apart of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". I received my B.F.A. from UF. Dennis was much funnier today.

LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers. He said he wanted to play football so he slept with a football every night. I want to be a "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" correspondent, so what do I sleep with?

I also sat next to Tomlinson’s wife, who had a big diamond about 4 carrots. The clarity wasn’t that good. Ladies always go with your man to pick out your ring. It should be the clarity of A,B,C,D, nothing passed D. Quality people! Mrs. Tomlinson’s wife tripped going down the steps.

KT Tunstall was the musical guest. She has continued two traditions this week. First, something goes wrong and the musical guest has to repeat their song. And second, of course ugly tights.

Remember, Jay by Jay, oh dear Leno this job I pray…

Love ya,