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Silent Night GloZell’s Last Night…

If there is a page or someone who is willing to put me on the guest list starting Jan 4th. That would be great.

While I am gone:

1. Please restock the vending machine.

2. Please get a new microphone so Mr. Beam doesn’t sound like the teacher from the cartoon "Peanuts".

3. Please De Funk the woman’s bathroom.


Matthew McConaughey was hot. He was promoting hi new movie "We are Marshall"
It’s a sappy uplifting movie that, I would probably love. He also talked about his brother named Rooster, and his son Miller Light.

During the break before the musical guest. Jay made Margaritas (Real ones) for his guest, and gave Mathew the blender.

Opie and Anthony, who are from radio and there’s a reason why. They were funny, and had the faces for radio.

The musical guests "The Killers" were very entertaining. The Killers has a great following.

The set behind them was festive and in the holiday spirit.

Remember, If you have faith the size of mustard seed you can move mountains… and guest lists...

Happy holidays to all.

Love Ya,

The First GloZell