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You Glo Bob…

The delightful page Ms. Tati is no longer holy. And she is planning to have her wedding in September.

In the studio AKA "The Artic". I sat next to Lilly from Lilly’s Café who catered today’s "Tonight with Jay Leno". Lilly’s Café makes the best homemade sandwiches and salads, she is located on Magnolia. When you go in tell her you read about her on this blog. Her hair stylist named Bob also cuts Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair.

Bob, the warm up comedian looked nice for the first time, since I’ve been there. He was all dressed up. Maybe he’s going to one of his strip clubs tonight.


Kellie Pickler was very cute. Her dress was super cute along with her shoes. However her segment was funny in some places and way too long. She gave Jay a cheap pizza which he passed out to the front row people.

Leonardo DiCaprio looks like a man now. He was interesting and I would like him to come back. He was advertising his movie "Blood Diamond". Women don’t care if it’s a blood, bone marrow, pee, or urine diamond just as long as it’s a big diamond.

Naomi Watts dress was pretty and great shoes. Her hail looked like they did it before she got dressed and she messed it up putting on her clothes. As a guest she was boring and the clip of her new movie "The Painted Veil" was extra boring.

The musical Guest was "The Goo Goo Dolls". They were fabulous. I was surprised that they were men. I got them mixed up with the GoGo’s.

Remember, too much of a good thing can be bad…