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Glo Bugs in my pie!…

I had to get up at the behind crack of dawn to get in line by 8:00 AM in order to get tickets to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". I got their at 7:57 AM and I was the 30th person in line. It was so cold. I had on my night clothes, looking like a hot mess. I truly miss the guest list days.

I returned at 2:30 PM an stood in the freezing line. I over heard this youngster named Erica S. who lives in California and is in college to be a nurse, say how the lady that sings from the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" gets on her nerves with her singing and that the band is too loud.

Instead of telling her and her friends Ali Fussell and Adrian Pryke (From Australia and is growing two hairs on his chin) to sit and spin. I told them that I was a spy for the show and that I was going to report to Jay what I heard. They were so surprised that I was listening and offered to buy me off with a soda. We and laughed so hard and had a great time shivering to pert near death in line.

Erica didn’t care about the show or the band she said she wanted to see the number 4 in the backdrop behind Jay. (The girl was very interesting). They thought I was funny and are going to see me do stand up at The Comedy Store on Tuesday.

In the studio Erica, Adrian, Ali and I took a picture with Jay Leno.

I got hugs from the pages Becky and Tati I hadn’t seen them all year.


Ross the Intern (who was never an intern) was fairy funny as always. I would love to do a skit with him.

Terry Bradshaw, is defiantly a bully, in a way. He was taunting Jay and asking how much money he makes. Terry also said that Jay can’t make up a joke on his own and that he has 10 writers. He was borderline funny and rude.

Terry Bradshaw made the show interesting. He started a food fight with Jay during Jay’s cooking session with the Blue Ribbon Pie maker Marjorie Johnson. Marjorie was funny and talked a mile a minute. (I think she is 200 years old and pretty as a picture) Hey Jay, don’t think this lady is going to replace the Fruitcake lady just because she died. Well… I do like pie better.

Papa Roach was the musical guest. How did they come up with that name? Maybe they sat around thinking, Mama Spider… nah, Sister Ant… nah, Brother Silverfish… nah, Papa Roach… Yes that’s it! The world will love it.

After the show the large guy in the band ate some of the pie on the stage. You greedy big bug!

Remember, be the change you want to see…

Love ya,