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Glo Day Mate…

Well, I got my ticket at 8:00AM, then I took a walk around the NBC Lot. I enjoy coming to the show, so many people think I’m never going to get on the show. I like to know your thoughts on that…

One of the new pages made the first fashion no no, by wearing flip flops to work. I’m sure this will not be repeated again.

The girl I sat next to in line since 12:00 PM got a picture with Jay Leno because of me, Yeah! She also thought the page John B. was cute.

During the first song, Vickie dropped the microphone. It was so funny even she laughed.

John Edwards is running for President. He was well dressed and very well spoken. My sister DeOnZell drove from Orlando Florida to New Orleans to hear John Edwards announce his running for the Presidency. My sister is an Opera singer who sings for a lot of political campaigns. John and Jay didn’t talk much during the breaks.

Terri Irwin was wonderful. Terri is a beautiful and strong woman. Her husband the late Steve Irwin was a close friend of Jay. During her interview, she shed a few tears… The world loves that family. Go Gators.

Okay, the musical guest Mindy Smith was the worst. I thought something was wrong with the microphone and that she was going to have to sing over again. She was maybe one pound bigger than the microphone. Mindy looked sick to me and I wanted to hand her some raisins I had on me. She looked like she needed some food intervention.

Remember, everything’s beautiful in it’s own way…

Love Ya,