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Glo Gators…

I got the last ticket this morning at 8:00AM.

In line, I met Robin her brother and Japanese boyfriend Seiki. Robin and Seiki are teachers who met and fell in love in Japan. Seiki’s father made his own toilet. They were nice and gave me two hot dogs. They got a chance to take a picture with Jay Leno. I was glad for them.

I was one of the first thirty and ended up in great seats. Which was great because I sat outside at 11:00AM we went inside at 3.45.


Ben Affleck was handsome and showed a clip of his movie Hollywoodland. He was entertaining, and used big impressive words.

Chris Leak who is so fine behind football player from the greatest University of all time the University of Florida. (I graduated in 1997, Go Gators). He was well spoken, nice dimples, smooth dark skin and bright blue eyes. (Thank you for white and black people uniting. Martin Luther King would be so proud).

Jewel was the musical guest. This girl has an incredible voice. Jewel was awesome. (I guess I’ll have to get use to her snaggle tooth).

Remember, Cheer for the underdog… Go Gators…

Love Ya,