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Glo Vanna Trump…

As I waited in the ice cold, rainy, outside line. I spotted Wolfman. He is a crazy guy who speaks to himself, has wild hair and is trying to move in on my show. Go away Wolfman! You give regular crazy people, who go to a show everyday, a bad name.

Outside I sat next to another male nut job that told me he sat next to some hot 16-year-olds on the bus here. Go away with Mr. Wolfy, you sicko!

I met 3O great people on a tour from "Surprise". After what seemed to be an Abbott and Costello act, I realized that they were from Surprise, Phoenix. One of the people won a truck on the "Price is Right" yesterday! That show will air on Feb. 28th.


Q&A with Fred Willard. Was so funny! Fred has been on the show 81 times. He is as old as my mother’s shag carpet in Florida and so funny every time!

Diane Keaton, I love her. She wore all back. Diane had on this soft corset thing with pants, jacket and black jewelry. She sat with her leg underneath her, which was an interesting angle for camera # 2.

Ms. Keaton also talked about bra poking and granny draws. The show was getting wild!

Ivanka, somehow, is stunning in the face, while still looking like her father Donald Trump. Ivanka had on some medieval bra contraption dress thing on. Nobody noticed because her breasts were about to abandon ship. What a "View". Who does she think she is MISS USA? She should tell that dress "Your Fired" and not give it a second chance.

As a massage therapist, I wanted to work on Ivanka’s rounded shoulders. She is tall and not graceful at all. Her walk reminded me of Grape Ape.

Soweto Gospel Choir was interesting. I had no idea what dem Africans wasa singing, but I got the message. We give thanks to de Lawd, to be here and not de George Lopez show!

Remember, money can’t buy everything…

Love Ya,