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Glo White Power!…

In my PJ’s, I got up and stood in line to get my ticket for the show at 8:00 AM. You got to do what you got to do.

At my church last Sunday, one of the singers named Blair told me she went to a bar this weekend and ran into some Pages from "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and they ended up saying good things about me, thanks!

Welcome new pages I’m looking forward to meeting and writing about you. There are five new girls and two boys. (I hope the boys are hot) Congratulations! Hey Shelby (A page) thanks for taking off that jacked up toe polish. Your open toe shoes looked good today. (Go Gators)

In the studio, I sat on the far side next to the guest band. Behind me was a group of people from North Carolina who complained about their seats. It was hard to see the guest from there but we were very close to the musical guest, who they loved.


Kiefer Sutherland was boring. He turned forty and was down about it. I was surprised I thought he was older. It seemed like a "24" hour interview. He was nervous and low energy. Get a Red Bull Kiefer.

Betty White, thank goodness for her. Betty was funny and just a pro. I couldn’t make out what was on her sweater. It was like a Christmas Tree attacked a Zebra. Outside of a little left eye drainage, (She had tissue tucked under her right sleeve to wipe her eye) she looked great!

Daughtry was the musical guest, who happens to look an awful lot like the supervisor in charge of the pages, Mr. Beam. Chris Daughtry was one of the runners up on American Idol. The Band was rocked, I’m proud of him. Betty was rocking to the music, I love that little ol'lady.

Remember, a closed mouth never gets feed…

Love Ya,