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GloMerica The Beautiful...

In the cold line outside, where I sat for almost three hours, waiting for the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". I met Joy and Ray from Jackson County Alabama. Ray, who is a proud truck driver, loves the Colts. Joy has been his sidekick for 28 years.

Ray told me that they were cousins and that their family tree has no branches. Ray cracked jokes, and Joy just shook her head. Joy and Ray proudly have three boys and three girls and one Harley bike.

Where they are from there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the first and only traffic light. In Jackson County, they have one full time Policeman and one part time policeman.

In the studio, Joy and Ray took a picture with Jay Leno and thanked me.

One the new hot NBC female page named Haley got engaged to a cute up and coming actor named Freddie. I wish them well. Her ring is beautiful.


Pitch to America. We watched some new show ideas. How about NBC doing a show about a African American, Black, Colored, Negro, girl who goes to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and freezes her behind off everyday? SOLD!

Can we un-pitch? Like the George Lopes Show. Un-sold.

Forest Whitaker, from the movie "The Last King of Scotland". He was not dark enough to play the part, so they put him in black face. (Amos and Andy would be proud.) Forest had on a nice Grey suit, with a pink shirt and pink tie. You could be the last king in Compton with that suit on. I hope you win.

America Ferrera from the hit show "Ugly Betty" was adorable, until she slipped and said the "S" word. I’m sure they’ll edited it out. New show "Foul Mouth Betty".

Daniel Powter was good. I love his spaceship looking keyboard. His eyes are beautiful, even though he looked like he just left "Survivor Island". I wish he would take off that hat!

Remember, if you can’t be good, be good at it…

Love Ya,