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GloZell, Big Boy’s don’t Cryer…

I have to admit sitting outside for two and a half hours. Is kind of fun. (As long as it isn’t raining.) I get to talk to people who are dying to talk because they are bored.

I met this cute couple from Michigan, who I thought were going to say they had been married for twenty years. They both have been married twice and decided to just live together. Bonnie and Jerry have been together for 15 years happily - unmarried. (Love Shack Baby.)

I was able to get Bonnie a picture with Jay, it made her trip. Yeah!

The page Chloe had on beautiful black heels with a tiny bow on the side. She has come a long way from the flip-flops, I am so proud.

"The Tonight show with Jay Leno" guest furniture cost 20 thousand dollars. Why I know so much useless information about this show? (I need help)

My boyfriend Richard took me to Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank (Say that 5 times fast) Jay goes there because they have a car show every Friday night. To my amazement, they had pictures of famous people on the wall but NO PICTURE OF JAY LENO! What the Zell is going on?

As Jay ‘s number one fan. I will get his picture up at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank!


Jon Cryer from the show "Two & a Half Men". You know, the one who is not Charlie Sheen, who is a cross between the character "Jack" from the show "Will & Grace" and Mathew Broderick.

Jeff Garcia the Q.B. for the Philadelphia Eagles. I don’t know what I was thinking but I was surprised that he was white. (I was thinking Basketball) He was dressed very nice… He has an interesting look… um, it’s a good thing that he is tall, successful, and rich. Tiger Woods, Carrot Top, and Seal fall into the same category. If your not good looking, you better have money; it helps you look good. Seal must be stinking rich!

Switchfoot was the musical guest. They looked good, and had a nice sound. They were all white except the Asian guy who played the tambourine, keyboard and the guitar, during one song. Three members of the Tonight show band played with them.

Remember, you are known by the company you keep…

Love Ya,