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GloZell Got Carded!…

I got cards made with my blog sight on them. I enjoyed passing them out.

Outside waiting 2 1/2 hrs. Before the show, I met some kind people. They wanted to get the Ellen show but couldn’t get in, so they came to see the great Leno.

Amy, who is a say at home mother of two beautiful girls, one ten and the other is five. Amy was traveling from Los Vegas with her friend Ginger.

Jamie and two of her friends met Amy and Ginger in the Ellen line and now every one was sitting next to me.

Jamie bought Amy a gourmet chocolate apple which she shared with me. It was good.

A nice guy named Garry from Long beach bought me a Coke just because he enjoyed the info I was giving out about the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". It was a nice surprise. I had a great time.

In the ice cold studio Amy, Jamie and the other ladies got to take a picture with Jay, and they thanked me.

Jamie was picked to dance, she knows how to shake her money maker.

Bob the warm up comedian threw a pair of socks into the audience but they got stuck in one of the lights. Garry pointed out which light to security and they retrieved them before they caught a fire. Thanks Garry! (Yes, his named is spelled with two R’s)

When the show started, there was this cute little lady named Ellen who stood on her chair to see Jay.


Wanda Sykes was funny as always. She has lost weight and looked good.

Sendhil Ramamurthy the Indian guy from the show "Heros". My, my, my, was he fine. Sendhil looked like a dark Superman!

The musical guest "The Bird and The Bee" was interesting. The girl had this wispy light voice and a retro throwback dress. The back-up singers had yellow slips on, that they were trying to pass off as dresses. They would never make it on "American Idol" Over all they were different and gave me hope that Jay will have me on one day!

Remember, nothing in the world can take the place of persistence…

Love Ya,