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GloZell, your Uncle is here!…

In the ice cold studio. Jay always wipes off his make-up and messes up his hair during one of the breaks, but today he didn’t. What’s up with that Jay?

Jay meant to say "Ask Men" during his monologue but he for got the "k". The audience got a good laugh.


Jay showed some interesting videos of people who waned to be a corespondent for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", I hope they show mine too.

Don Rickles, AKA Don wrinkles, he was old and had help getting up and down the few steps off the stage. If Don was just starting out in comedy he wouldn’t have a chance because so many people get in trouble these days saying anything racist. Don was rude, said racist things, loud, interesting and funny. He asked us to clap for Jay’s dead parents. He will say anything! The girl next to me said I don’t know who that guy is but, he sure is a funny old guy. I felt old.

Over all, it was great seeing a comedy legend.

John Stamos. The Great Greek. He is still Uncle Jessie to me. John has an unusually close relationship with Don Rickles. Don said so many nice things about John. Don must be dying soon, because he never says anything nice about people.

John was cute, and girls were screaming "I love you John". We were instructed before the show not to scream at John during the show.

The musical guest Rocco DeLuca and the Burdan were good. the were very creative with their home made instruments. One of the guys was beating on a piece of wood, and another was playing a drum with his foot, keyboard with one hand, shaker with the other. They could just be cheap. The sound was solid and it worked for them.

Remember, what is yours in the world, you will receive… No matter who tries to get in your way…

Love Ya,