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GloZell's back on the list...

I’m back on the guess list for now! Thanks Mr. Beam and the Pages at NBC.

In the studio, one of the hottest NBC pages of all time "Zoo" was in the front row with not one, not two, but three exotically beautiful ladies (Don’t hate da playa hate da game). Zoo is always nice but you can tell even in his pages uniform that he has got it going on. He plays the electric guitar which attracts the ladies. Bob the warm up comedian picked at him before the show.

It was good seeing the page that writes music named "Ice". He has the coolest grandma.

I sat next to Lynn a very nice lady who’s 25 year old son ( who was good looking) has Hodgkins Disease. It’s cancer of the blood. Lynn was told by the doctors that "It’s the best cancer to get". that’s because it is curable. Hopefully Jay can donate millions for research. The beautiful young blonde she was sitting next to had the disease also. I pray they get cured soon. Lynn and her family and friends were very nice people.

Aryela from Boston overheard me talking to Lynn and asked me questions about the show. One, being who gets to sit on the front row. I told her the truth, it’s college looking cute people. I don’t think Aryela liked that. Either the girl sitting next to Aryela was, very cold or Aryela was afraid the girl was going to escape or they were very close sisters or lesbians. Go, L Word!

In the audience was Claudia, Jay’s prom date and her husband and son. Mavis (Jay’s wife) you have nothing to worry about. I don’t know about you folks, but if I was knowingly going to see a successful blast from the past, I might want to look cute or something. Claudia had on a plain denim jacket with some I can easy sew flower baggy pants, red glasses ,brown sandals, strait mousy brown hair with gray strains. Claudia was dressed fine if she was going to a petting farm. The husband tried not to laugh. He sat with his arms crossed the whole time. That must stink looking at the man who dated your wife and he’s now much more successful than you. Maybe not - she has children and Jay has a cat. They both are successful.


Helen Mirren from the movie "The Queen". She was delightful. Jay was flirting with her. His type is all over the place. He walked her back holding her hand. He loves the smart type. Probably trying to get his prom date jealous.

Isaac Mizrahi (The other Queen, I have some of his clothes from Target) was not representing fashion very well. His clothes were so tight I could hear his buttons screaming "help". Jay and Isaac slammed each other about their weight.

Musical guest Los Lonely Boys were great. They had terrific harmony. I don’t know what happened to their band because they borrowed four members of the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

Remember, the more give, the more you get back…

Love Ya,