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GloZell’s Got Chocolate?...

For Friday, January 12th, 2007 (Sorry – I was tired)

Who ate all the chocolate I brought in on Thursday? I handed it to a page named Phil. (Who seemed a little too happy that I brought it) It was about sixty pieces of individually wrapped chocolate. On Friday, I asked all the pages I saw, did you get some chocolate? Everyone said, "I didn’t get any, but thank you". I will bring something else on Monday in Lou of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.


They did a segment on people who did things when they were young and stupid and then contacted the person they needed to apologize too. It was ok. I appreciate the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno doing something different".

Renee Zellweger for the movie "Miss Potter". Renee looked glamorous. Her deathly pale skin and a pitch-black extremely tight dress looked good on her. She could barely walk and had to sit up strait because of the corset top of the dress. She was a funny and charming guess. I loved her country accent. She talked about Jay’s sexy picture, he took before becoming famous, and her cat that likes to kill rodents and spread their parts out in a circle. Maybe she can star in "Silence of the Mice". She took a picture of the audience to put in her journal. I was never a fan of hers until now, I liked her.

I saw the movie "Miss Potter" thinking I was going to go to sleep, but it was very good.

Joy Behar from "The View" was entertaining. She looked pretty good. I believe she has had some kind of injections in her face because her skin was smooth. Joy use to be a Kindergarten teacher before becoming a comedian.

Musical guest, Common was different, he was rapping and another guy was singing in a Tuxedo. The drummer was Jeremy Piven from the show "Entourage". How cool.

Today was a good show!

Remember, when you know better, do better!...

Love Ya,