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Happy New Glo!…

I'm Back!!!

I had a great time in Florida. While on break three people died. (People die in threes you know) James Brown, President Gerald Ford and Saddam Hussein. We all have to face our maker some day! I think James Brown’s Funeral is still going on. His clothes were changed three times after the funeral started.

Meagan Mullally show was canceled. I don’t know why? Her Gap like masculine clothes worked for Ellen, but not for her. No room for two of them back to back on the same station with the same guests, I’m so surprised that didn’t work out.

Page of the week is Jordan AKA "Charlie Dan". Every time you see him give him a compliment. It doesn’t matter how big or small. Drive him nuts with kindness this week.

Andrew, the on stage security guard, AKA "The Hair" was happy to see me. He stepped off stage and gave me a hug. I love the people who work at NBC, Including the Pages who technically don’t work for NBC. It’s another company who pays them.

Larry is doing a great job, as the page that takes care of the guests on the show. Make Mamma proud!


Brian Herzlinger was funny at the "Grease" auditions. Most of the corespondent’s are funny on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and I can’t wait to work with them.

Hilary Swank was tiny. I was thinking she was going to be this big He/she muscular boxer chick. Hilary was soft and had legs to die for. She told Jay how she couldn’t let go of anything and how she has too much stuff. That’s a lie, she got rid of her husband. Her proud mom and grandfather was behind me. Her grandfather danced during the warm up before the show and received a Tonight Show T-shirt. He fell into one of the two T-shirt categories ether blonde and perky or old as Heaven. (He wasn’t blonde)

Today’s police officer was a cute tiny little Mexican guy named Officer Fernando. He came up to a little above my waist. I feel safe!

Tom Papa, the comic was funny. He was a professional, because Jay didn’t tell us to give him a mercy clap like he does for most other comics.

Akon was the musical guest. I had never heard of him. He was lively and good if you’re into Reggie music and bad hair styles.

Remember, It’s a New Year and time for change. Let last year’s junk stay back there and press toward the mark for your prize…

Love ya,