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It was not Thicke enough, GloZell…

In the studio, I had great seats, thanks to Tati. I sat next to Mike and Carol Brazil, a great couple from San Francisco, Castro Valley. Mike said that his secret love is Meredith Vieira from the "Today" show. He has loved her since she was on the show the "View" and said she doesn’t wear underwear. When Meredith came out Mike was almost drooling. He stared at her the whole time, even during the breaks. Carol was cool with her husband’s fantasy. (As long as he eats at home).


Meredith Vieira from the "Today" show. Her dress was nice and I loved her red shoes. Thank goodness, somebody knows how to dress for her age. (53) She was a great guest and was enjoyable to watch. Jay talked to her during the breaks. He didn’t do that with Jessica Simpson.

Ryan Renolds from the movie "Smoking Aces". Another great guest, he was very interesting and cute. Ryan is thin hipped and has no, I repeat, no behind. But he’s funny.

Musical guest was Robin Thicke. Umm… how do I say this? He was the worst act ever. Robin’s fake "Can I be Justin Timberlake", high voice, tortured us for 3 minutes. Jay said his album received great reviews. From whom, a couple of dogs. This canine high thing, he was doing, hurt my feelings. I need him to retire right now. I’m sure PETA is campaigning now to stop that sound. Save the dogs!

You should have seen the reaction of the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" band. The Police officer Kelly looked at me and I started laughing during his performance. I like to thank his father Alan Thicke for contributing to his good looks. Robin’s voice was bad.

Remember, some children should be seen and not heard…

Love Ya,