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Jennifer Hudson won GloZell!…

Happy M.L.K. Day!

I brought chocolate chip cookies to the pages, because it’s a holiday.

In the lobby, an old white guy was bragging how he knows a guy how use to work with Della Rease, and that he knows all of her songs. I didn’t know she had songs.

Fun Fact: One of the pictures on the buildings in the city background is Dr. Martin Luther King.

Guest: Paula Abdul who was a little overdressed, but looked good. Paula is going to make a few appearances at parties tonight. It’s the Golden Globe night. Jennifer Hudson won for the movie "Dreamgirls". MLK would be so proud.

Jay talked to Paula every break. He is such a flirt, oh my goodness.

Well, it’s MLK day so let’s get NBC #1 token Negro. D. L. Hugley. on the show again. I have to admit he must have gotten some new writers because he was very funny today. (Once in Orlando I was attempting to do comedy, and Hugley was the M.C. and he was mean to me.)

Musical Guest, Tyrese featuring Lil’ Jon. I see Tyrese is out of jail for abuse to his woman,( Richard Pryor would be so proud) and he has gained a little weight. (Luther Vandross would be so proud). He has a great voice and good stage presence. The crowed loved it when Tyrese came into the audience. Not because of him but because they were going to be seen on national television.

The dancers were flawless. I thought they might have had on stockings, because there was no cellulite anywhere and not a piece of fat. You go girls! I almost thought of working out!

After the show D.L. Ugly kept stepping on Paula’s train on the back of her dress. (Ok GloZell stop hating – it was years ago, get over it.)

I’d like to give a shout out to, who linked my blog to her’s. Thank you. If you want to know where good service is. Check it out.

Remember, We all have dreams… But very few pursue them...

Love Ya,