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March of the GloZell…

In the outside line, I met Patricia who was visiting her brother Robin who looks like Noah Wyle from the show "ER". We jumped on her for smoking three cigarettes a day. I couldn’t say much because she offered me some of her French Fries.

I also met Dave and Sharon who were in their late forties I’m guessing. They met four months ago on the Internet, and met for the first time in person yesterday. Sharon loves Jewelry she had rings on every finger. Sharon loves Ruby’s (Pigeon blood red color). When she picked up David from the airport, he was wearing a Tiara on his head.

David was very attentive to her and tried to keep her warm in the ice-cold studio. I wish them well. They act like they have been together for years.

Shout out to one of the coolest pages of all time (And not just because he graduated from the University of Florida, Go Gators!) Seth, or as his friends call him Bookie. Bookie has plans to make millions.

Keira (I think I spelled that wrong) who is a "Sistah" page who gave me a little attitude, and quizzed me on knowing her named.

The wolf man got into the show today. He is nuts! The first time I saw him, he was wearing a Tuxedo that was too short.


Rebecca Romijn was beautiful. I like her because she is fit and not bone skinny. She left after her segment. I think it’s because the next guest was Bob Saget. Bob and her ex-husband John Stamos was on the show "Full House" together and I think she didn’t want to run into him.

Bob Saget has a new dirty Penguins cartoon. It’s a R rated farce of the movie "March of the Penguins". Only Bob can figure out a way to use Penguins for something filthy. If only he used his powers for good. Bob’s a nasty Saget!

The Musical guest Rodrigo Y Gabriela was the best musical guest on the show this year. These beautiful Mexican people beat the Zell out of the Guitar. I thought the guitar was going to catch on fire. They were great! Something spiritual was going on with those two. The audience was mesmerized! Jay thought they were done and started towards them then they started up again, Jay jumped back.

We all got a Rodrigo Y Gabriela C.D. Buy one for your amigos! My boyfriend and I listened to it and loved it. They are amazing!

Remember, extraordinary things can come from ordinary people…

Love Ya,