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Never Glo To Sleep Before The Tonight Show…

In the line today at 1:30, I met Martian and a nice lady named Sheri Sharkey. Martin is a tour bus driver from Alaska who knows everything about the movies that were filmed in California.

Sheri Sharkey is a Kindergarten Teacher who is on her first trip out of state with her husband and without their beautiful four-year-old son Jack.

Sheri and her husband hotel room air conditioner caught on fire at 2:00 AM, Monday January 22nd. Thank goodness, they woke up in time to get help. It was at the Sheraton Hotel room 502 in Pasadena California.

In the audience, the front row people weren’t the young, hot, collage age people they usually have. On the front row next to the band was a very large woman. She looked like the actress from "What’s eating Gilbert Grape?" or LuLu from Hee-Haw. It was like they got the most unattractive people they could find. I was proud of them until… TBC

I met two people who stood in line at 6:00 AM to get tickets then went to sleep or something because they made it back to the show late and ended up in the worst seats, but I was glad they made it in.


Sienna Miller was stunning. Jay flirted with her. (Of course) Jay picked her up and placed her in her seat. Sienna was beautiful, her dress was this unique tan silk off the shoulders asymmetrical design. Her brown heels were awesome. (I wish I could look like her) Then on top of that she has this British accent, the men were in awe of her.

She played this game with Jay to see how many grapes they could stuff in their mouths. Sienna - 14, Jay - 30. Sienna said "Of course you would win" she said with her hands on her cheeks.

Phyllis Diller was great to see in person. She is 89 years old. Phyllis did stand up on the show. The problem was that it was only about her fat mother in law. The woman on the front row was about 500 pounds. I couldn’t laugh. I felt so bad for her and yet I was very hungry. (Oh, the conflict)

Branford Marsalis (The original Tonight show bandleader) and his Quartet was jazzy. Kevin (The new bandleader) closed his eyes during most of it. (I think he went to sleep) I like it when Branford smiles because his lips covers his teeth and it looks like they are missing. (Ha, ha) Branford is still fine!

Remember, you don’t have to jump on the band wagon to get a laugh…

Love Ya,