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Babies, Generals, Dogs and GloZell…

In line today, I met a retired Airforce General and Judge Honorable Mike an his beautiful wife Ceile.. They are world travelers and just got back for Vietnam. Mike has an incredible deep sexy voice and Ceile is a great cook. They have been married for over 51 years.

They are the proud parents of Marc, who is 48 and a successful Psychologist, and a high-powered lawyer daughter named Suzanne.

While I was talking to Mike and Ceile a young woman approached me and asked if I was the one who has the Jay Leno blog? Then she asked for a picture with me. This Angel is named Rebkah. She is in town so her cousin Suzanne can be tested to carry her children for her.

Rebkah has a heart condition. Dr. Thomas Kim, in Beverly Hills, harvested her eggs when she was 17 years old, because of the medicine she was going to have go on she would no longer have healthy eggs.

August is when her eggs go bad. All of the expense are coming out of her parent’s pocket. When Rebkah told us her story we were all touched. Her cousin, Suzanne is 34, married with three children, and is willing to give her cousin Rebkah the greatest gift of all.

We all had a great time at "The Tonight show with Jay Leno".


Hugh Grant. The hoots and hollers went on and on. Hugh is sexy! He was strange as always, and started talking about a recurring dream he has of a woman named Mabel who carries him in a basket and calls him Master. Master… I like to put him in a basket.

Then Hugh said that dogs are attracted to him in a romantic way. The reason I think that dogs are attracted to Hugh is because he cheated on Elizabeth Hurly with a black prostitute. (Who probably called him Master) Dogs know their own kind.

Julie Scardina with two bears from Bush Gardens. The bears were eating apples and grapes. One tried to hump Hugh. My goodness he has to learn how to control that.

Jay threw out the remaining pieces of fruit into the audience.

Nora Jones was beautiful and had a great look and sound. She had cute, female, Asian back up singer. I don’t think I have every seen an Asian backup singer. Great!

Remember, God is good all the time and all the time God is good!…

Love ya,