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The Billy - Glo Show…

It was raining and I didn’t want to sit all day in the rain. Then I thought about all the times John Melendez got up at the behind crack of dawn (5:00 am) everyday for years to be a stuttering Jester for Howard Stern. I can hear John say ", I’m a c...c...c...celebrity get me out...t...t...t of heeeere". Jay saved John from a life of fake boobs and bad hair! God bless Jay Leno.

In line, I met Monica and Raymond Parker from St. Joseph Missouri. Raymond caught his ex-wife having relations with her boss in their house. Monica’s ex-husband ran off with the baby sitter. Monica and Raymond met at "Parents Without Partners". The first date was on a Saturday, the next day Ray asked Monica to marry him. A week later they were marred and have been happy for 35 years! Monica’s mother’s b-day is next week. Happy 90th birthday Ms. Florence Lade.

Page, Alex (Zoo) is up for a great role on "Days of our Lives" please pray that he gets it.

Page Mathew has a great job at Universal Studios. Make lot’s o’ paper.

Michael K. will be working on the NBC show "Passions". After my dad had heart surgery, they make you get up and walk the next day. I was watching "Passions" when it was time for my dad to take his walk. My mother said, "Come on, GloZell lets walk with him". My dad said, "Leave her alone you know she loves that show". I didn’t go on that walk. A few seconds later, I could hear my mother and sister screaming in the hall! He died from a floating blood clot. Passions will be ending this summer. I’ll be sad to see it go.

Thank you "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Angel. You know who you are, and what you did. I appreciate it.


Peter O'Toole he is so old, I wanted to give him a message to deliver to my father when he meets him. Peter use to have curly hair but because he had to straitened for Lawrence of Arabia, It never grew back curly again.

Christina Ricci was sexy. She has grown into her forehead. Maybe her forehead just looks big on TV. Ricci is only 5 ft. and has a tiny high voice. I think she is a terrific actor.

Hellogoodbye, was the musical guest. They had a young, fresh sound. The set was very festive and bright with balloons and confetti.

On the way out, everyone got a Hellogoodbye CD. Billy handed it to me. I want Billy to be on my show. "Ross the Intern" and I will have our own show, soon. It’s like Tyra/Oprah meets Queer eye for the straight guy/View. I can’t say anything else about it. (So, don’t ask.)

Remember, When something is right, go for it…

LoVe ya,