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Glo ahead… make my day!…

The Wolfman was wearing a Tuxedo with Black High Top Reeboks – he cleans up well… Now, if he would only do something about that hair!

In line, I met Diana, Larry Cotton and their two adult children Erin and Eli. Erin and Eli smoke and it’s breaking their parents heart. Larry was in the Navy and they all lived in Italy at one time and that’s where the kids picked up smoking.

Erin bet Diana that if Diana losses weight, Erin will stop smoking. Diana is skinny and Erin will stop smoking on March 11th, her dog Breaker’s birthday. (I love white people). Keira was their NBC tour guide today and they loved her.

The Cottons got a picture with Jay, and thanked me! Jay’s a Cotton picker. (Ha, ha… )

There’s a new guy working at the show who looks like a heavier Ben Aflect and walks like the NBC page, Phill. I will find out more info for the ladies.

Mike the stage manager is back! I was hopping he had gone to hair rehab to get his long hair cut short and add blonde highlights (he would look even hotter) but no. I hope his wife and family are well.

After 111 shows "I GOT MY TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO (adjective of choice) T-SHIRT!"

The guy who always has a toothpick in his mouth didn’t pick me after I asked him to. (Does he eat Bar-B-Q everyday?) I just walked on stage anyway. (Ghetto) I don’t remember if I danced, but I was interesting. I stood in a two piece bathing suit and demanded a T-shirt from Bob. I was never going to be picked, so I showed my chubby behind to the world! I hope they let me in tomorrow.

Andy, the on stage security guard, AKA "The Hair" gave me the thumbs up sign. Bob, the warm up comedian was shocked. Everybody laughed! People were laughing at me on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" stage. There’s some Black History for ya!

I might have set us back 400 years. Sorry, Martin Luther King Jr.


Clint Eastwood is one of the people I stop and think, wow; I’m fortunate to see such a legend in person. Clint tripped on the rug and he didn’t look comfortable in the chair. He was slouching. I love him anyway. It was funny to hear one of his songs off his only singing album made back in the 1800’s that Jay purchased for 500 dollars.

Jennifer Hudson, from the movie "Dreamgirls," seemed really down to earth. I thought red looked good on her. Jennifer had a lot of nervous energy, she kept fidgeting. I saw a price tag on the bottom of her left shoe. (Her shoes were gorgeous). I hope she wins the Oscar!

John Waite & Alison Krauss were the musical guest. They have nice voices. I felt like they were holding back. Alison was holding her battery pack to her microphone in her right hand. I bet she was ticked off that she had to sing on national TV, holding it. I loved Alison’s outfit and John’s wild hair.

Remember, a new galaxy starts with one emerging star…

Love ya,