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Glo Florida…

In line, I met the greatest people from Florida! Eddie, Sarah Jeanette and Johan.
Johan and Jeanette moved to California because Johan is going to be a very successful actor. (Ya hear that, Steven Spielberg)

Sarah and Eddie Jaywalked across the street to get snacks. Sarah shared her M&M’s with me. (Love her)

Eddie didn’t appreciate me butting in and telling him its time to give Sarah a ring. Not just any ring but a 2 1/2 karat diamond platinum ring in a size six, with at least a D clarity. (It’s been over a year buddy)

I loved both couples and I wish them everlasting love. Happy Birthday Johan!

As I was walking down the hallway to get to my seat. I said great job, to Smitty (the drummer for the Tonight Show Band) He looked at me and walked away. I have said that to him three times since I’ve been coming to the show, and not once has he said thank you. Smitty is not nice.


Grammy Jaywalking. This bit was so funny. Jay went to an apartment building and had residents act out different music videos. Who ever thought of this should get a raise, it was hilarious.

Drew Barrymore was fantastic. Everyone loves her. She had on a sexy, one shoulder, chocolate dress, large belt, and wooden bangles. Her hair was simple and she was beautiful.

During the break, a woman came out and handed Drew a mirror and her lipstick, which she applied herself. (She is so independent)

Kyle Krichbaum who is a 12 year old vacuum cleaner collector. This kid was wild about vacuums. Kyle got his first real vacuum at 3 year old. He vacuums three times a day! (And you thought kids were just good for fetching the remote control.) I hope he gets the help he needs. (Just kidding he’s perfectly normal)

The musical guest was Solomon Burke who was out of the world. He was big, black about five hundred pounds and sat during his whole performance. He looked like the main singer from the Chuck E Cheese restaurants or a character Eddy Murphy does. He blew us away. He has an incredible sound and zest that filled the studio. His talent is just as big as he is. I loved him.

Kevin Eubanks (Tonight Show bandleader) standing, was the same height as Solomon was sitting. Either Kevin is short, or Solomon is taller sitting down because of his big behind. (I have the same issue) I was wondering if Solomon could walk. One of his helpers gave him two walking canes. The Tonight show was thoughtful enough to lower the panel so we couldn’t see him struggle to walk.

Remember, It’s not work if you love it!…

Love ya,