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Glo Phi Glo…

Today my boss told me that Jay Leno doesn’t give a $#!+ about me and that I’m wasting my time at the Tonight Show. (Thank you, Dream Crusher). My Boss will eat them words! (I hope she is not reading this.)

In line, I met two hotties from Texas. Johnny Johnson and his friend John Rodriquez. They are both actors. John R. used to be a womanizer, but had changed his ways at the age of 26, and is dedicated to Christie who lives in Florida. Stay strong!

I also met a drifter named Dean from Australia. He told me that Outback Steak House is not Australian at all. I don’t care what he says, I will continue to eat their Blooming Onion! He went on and on. He was cool, until he said that he could care less that Anna Nicole smith Died today. I didn’t know her, but I’m still sad she died. (I’m throwing away my diet pills, baby)

Out of the sky, Rebekah and Shannon, from yesterday, ended up sitting next to me in the studio. (Shannon is having her cousin Rebekah’s baby)

The first three rows is filled with a heard of gorgeous Alpha Phi girls from college. There was twenty-five of them, they all cheered and had a great time. The one I had a chance to speak with was Mei-lin Demaree.

Johnny and the male crew flirted and drooled over them.


Mark Wahlberg is good looking. He said the audience was good looking. Mark talked about how he was a high school drop out. I wonder if he got his GED. Mark was saying how he has calmed down over the years, and now listens to Gospel music. Then he was beeped for using the "F" word. He needs some more music.

Sarah Silverman, who is usually very funny, was a little off today. Sarah is a beautiful woman, but she tries to overcome that through her clothes. She had on this hideous, black, short, maternity looking, dress, with a blue T-shirt that had holes on the left side. She had black tights on under the dress, and some heels that looked witchy. Sarah looked a slap mess.

Please watch her new show.

Mat Kearney was good, everyone enjoyed him. I love watching Jay move his legs to the beat of the musical guests.

Remember, Imagination is more important than Knowledge…

Love Ya,