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GloOnce’ a Child Of Destiny…

Happy V Day! I brought brownies for the Pages!

In the morning line, I met Susan Landry Ferris and Daniel Ferris. They went to school with Jay at Andover High School. They said that in those days they had a smoking room and that Jay would tell jokes while the kids were smoking.

They keep in touch with Lou Trombore, who calls Jay’s secretary and gets them on the guest list. I saw them after the show taking a picture with Jay. They have been married for 36 years. Susan and Daniel have two children and five grandchildren.

In the afternoon line, Mr. Tonj from the LA Daily News interviewed me. He also took the time to gather information from Bob Schuch and Steve Cohen, two very funny guys who recognized me from the last time they came to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno".

Did you know that Andy the on stage security guard, AKA "The Hair" use to be a cartoon animator for Disney for over 25 years? It’s hard out here for a pimp. I have B.F.A. from UF (Go Gators!) Maybe, I can sweep the stage.

Kelly, a former page, and a fine guy, named Will sat in the first row. Kelly is going to land a big paying job with WB.

I begged for a different seat, because the homeless guy that I was next to smelt like a heard of hot donkeys! (A sister be needing her oxygen.)


Beonce’. Her dress was made by Epidermis and Co. That’s what it looked like. It was so tight. (There is no way she had on draws) She had to be very careful how she sat. Her dress probably had a time limit before it recoiled. She was facing Kevin’s (the bandleader) way, which was good, because his eyes seemed to focus and clear up. Where Jay was looking, I’m not sure he knows what her face looks like.

Charles Barkley is a great big huge guy. (What football team was he on?) I was in Florida at the Improve when he threw someone threw some guy out the window at a bar across the street at Church Street Station. Tonight, Charles was talking about how he is going to race a 67-year-old man. Charles is going to get beat by a 67-year-old man. (Place your bets.)

Meanwhile, John M. (The announcer who holds up a cup) was slurping his Emergen C, lemon flavored drink. I politely told him to stop because he was getting on my last nerve. (It’s all good now) At least he smelled good.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd was the musical guest. He played the guitar and I think he’s blind. He is a great Soul singer (I guess no one told him he was white.)

Remember, We create the world around us…

Love ya,