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GloZell can’t laugh at Jay…


I was at work Wednesday Feb. 14th after standing in line at NBC to get my ticket. I had a client at 10.00 am who didn’t show up, so I started reading my book Leading with My Chin by Jay Leno. I was on page 185 when Jay was on the Dina Shore Show. It was so funny. I started to laugh.

My Boss says, What’s so funny? Still laughing I held up the book. My boss frowned and said, "The book can’t be that funny". I didn’t say anything I just keep reading. I was in the salon part by my self. Nobody had come in yet.

I get to the part when Jay takes a gig in Minnesota called the Mine shaft. Jay gets there and the room was pitch-dark. Men had miner’s hats on and used the light on the hat to see girls dance when they came out on stage.

When Jay came out (to do comedy), no one turned on their light. He had to do his stand up in complete darkness. I am cracking up, that was so funny to me. My boss comes from the back and says "If your going to laugh that loud don’t bring that book, I don’t know why you like him, Jay looks like a monster."

I didn’t say anything. I called another Massage Therapist who needs a job and asked her if she wanted my hours. This is the second job gone because I like going to the "Tonight show with Jay Leno" everyday.

I wanted to tell my Boss. "Look, nobody is in here but your non-English speaking boyfriend who has taken refuge in our lounge, who is your best friends husband. You send money to his wife, pretending that he’s working in America. We have to hide him when your children and family comes to visit and you put dark tint on your car windows. And you have a problem with me having a good time reading a book, when it’s just us in here! Oh, you’re the monster.

I had twenty dollars to my name, I bought some brownies for the Pages (It was Valentine’s Day) and a sandwich for myself. Later that day, I got a call asking if I can lock and open my church this weekend. And I got paid more than any check I’ve ever received from that place. (Thank you Lord)

So, I filled up my tank, and I can visit my apartment… and Ben…

Jay is nice to everybody. I think because of his chin, Jay can sympathizes with minorities. Maybe that’s why he has so many blacks in the band, and John Melendez. It’s not 40 acres and a mule, but we’ll take it.

Remember Live your life so that if anyone says anything bad about you, no one believes them…

Have a great weekend,

Love Ya,