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GloZell defends Ross the Intern…

My boyfriend was offered a job in China for six months. He said I could go also. Yeah, right. What am I suppose to cook? Sweet and Sour chitterlings. Cornbread and collard greens don’t go well with dog.

The Oscars were fantastic! Black people haven’t been this happy since the O. J. verdict.

In the T.S. with Jay Leno line, I met Erica and Bob Vasquez from Chicago and Lynne and Melissa Stoesz from Canada. They all went to see Oprah’s "After the Oscars show". Erica was on a different Oprah show with her handsome baby boy. I saw that episode when there was a lady who said she could understand baby language. It helped to shut the kids up. Erica and Melissa got a picture with Jay!

Mike, the travel agent, was back in line today. We met Friday. Mike is in town with three divas who rather go to the movies and shop, than see the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno"

They should seriously rethink their priorities...

Phil, the T.S. with Jay Leno, DJ was on fire today. My Tootsie wanted to roll. Great Job!


Ross the Intern. He is Love! O come let me adore him! Ross has lost weight and looks great. Thanks Celebrity Fit Club.

Couteney Cox was stunning. Star magazine has reported that her marriage is on the rocks. I believe it, she is married to a crazy man. Star magazine was right about, Jessica Simpson, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Anison, and Liza, Charlie Sheen etc., marriages breaking up. That’s the real dirt! Couteney will have to pass the Coco.

Richard Roper, the Movie Critic was interesting, and he was to the point. The Oscars could learn from him.

The musical guest was Plain White T’s. He was plain, and white. Can we stop the boat that is coming from Geeks in Guitar Land to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno? It’s that Michael Blunt guys fault with that ‘Your Beautiful" song. It’s the same guy with different names.

On my way to my car, four nice looking white guys were walking to their car. One said to the others, "Hey, what did you think of that Ross guy?" One of the guys dropped his hand in a feminine way. They laughed. I walked up to them and said proudly, Ross is my baby’s momma!

They need to go to rehab with Isaiah Washington!

Remember, You, and you, and you… You’re gonna love meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

LoVe ya,