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GloZell, George W. is Fat…

It cost too much for me to drive to NBC at 8:00 am, get my ticket, drive home (LA Crenshaw) then drive all the way back to NBC for the show. I crash in the valley, and go home when I can. I have enough gas to visit my apartment once a month. I’m going to start charging the mouse that has taken up residence at my place.

In the line to get my ticket, I met people from Ocala, Florida. I asked them if they knew that Jay Leno is building his new house on Harley Drive in Ocala Florida? Jay’s house will have 10 garages.

Jay did a skit yesterday and used an actor to play the security guard at NBC. The real security guard at that post is named George W. Parker. Jay told him he was too fat for the part. Jay was joking… I think George can be friendly, and he can also act like a hole, but he has always been nice to me. NBC gave George W. some gift certificates to Starbucks for his inconveance.


Teri Hatcher looked healthier than before. Terri has gained about 10 pounds and found some vitamins because she looked beautiful and she didn’t look pasty and scrawny like last time she was on the show. Thank the Lord, she has a man. This chick is pitiful single.

Rhys Ifans from the movie "Hannibal Rising" looked like he didn’t have to audition for the part. He was tall, lanky, witty, interesting and scary. He looks like a human praying mantis.

Omarion was the musical guest. I didn’t understand the male dancers who acted like they were after him. He was lively and small. I didn’t want to see his tiny behind! Pull up your pants! Jay had the hardest time say his name right. That’s okay, Jay, he probably doesn’t watch the show.

I went to the grocery store around 8:OO PM tonight. On the way to my car, I saw a guy getting a soda, who was at the show today. I said" You went to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno today." He said, " Yes, you’re the girl who goes everyday. I said "You are right, have a great weekend". He said, "I think Bill Maher will be there Tuesday." I said, "I hope to see ya then". As I drove off, he got into some blankets next to a cart. He didn’t look homeless at all.

I won’t complain about my mouse. I think I’ll name him Ben.

Remember, less is more than what some others might have… be grateful…

Love Ya,