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GloZell is 23… (February 15, 2007 - Sorry it's Late)

Art (the tall Lighting Operator) has an electric blue Mitsubishi truck with cab he purchased for only 500 dollars. Great deal. (How great thou Art?)

In line, I sat next to Julia and Fernando from Atlanta. They are world travelers. Right when they were finishing a story about how they almost got captured in Honduras, we hear "Let Me tell you something".

Ryan Click, a very eager Jim Carrey impersonator started his routine. He is 19, and loves Jim. He never broke character. He kept us entertained all day. The only thing was that he was dressed like the movie "The Mask" but recited lines from the movie "Ace Ventura Pet Detective". Every… single… one of them…

He had a DVD of himself that he desperately wanted to give to Jim. The security guards let him inside early, to tell Ryan that he couldn’t stay! Ryan never got in to see the show. My guess was maybe he had been following Jim Carrey, and NBC was playing safe. (I won’t do my Smitty/Gary Coleman impersonation, I promise.)

In the studio, the page Zoo had the hottest blonde with him in the front row. That’s it! I’m starting my "lose weight and be fine enough to sit in the front row at the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Diet", as soon as I finish this cake.

Billy (the one who only picks blondes to dance) had his traditional toothpick behind the right ear. He will take it down, pick his teeth and put it back behind his ear. Must be some good Bar-B-Que.


Jim Carrey. Wow! He looked great. Jim has slimed down, which makes him look even taller. His hair is long and it worked for him. Ryan would have been disappointed because Jim didn’t’ talk with his crack. Carrey talked about being obsessed with the # 23. Jay doesn’t believe that superstitious stuff, and neither do I.

Wait a minute… Tonight Show (11 letters) + GloZell Green (12) = 23… I’m a little freaked right now.

I thought Tom Vilsack, who is a Presidential Candidate, was going to be boring. He talked about being an orphan. (It’s a hard knock life) After the show Tom shook hands and asked me how do I get tickets for the show? I told him how, if he wasn’t on the guest list and he said they need to do a show on me. (He’s got my vote) Jay and Jim had on suits that are more expensive. Tom’s didn’t have the shine or the same hang. To bad, Jeff can’t dress everyone.

Dustin Kensrue was the musical guest. It looked like the show said, we don’t feel like giving them a background, just put round red mats on the floor. It made them looks very small, and the space looked empty.

Remember, It pays to be yourself… Alrighty then…

Love ya,