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GloZell… the kettle is calling...

I’ve been parking by that tune up car place across the street from the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" line up. A guy who works at the tune up shop is always asking me about myself and why do I like Jay Leno so much? He told me he likes watching me walk away. Oh, the curse of a big behind and smile. Yes, it’s true, red beans and rice didn’t miss me. I turn around, stick it out, even white boys have to shout! GloZell’s got back.

Today, he was at my car. People think I’m a stalker, now I have one. I wonder if I make Jay feel uncomfortable? Nah, Jay doesn’t have a big behind. Plus, he waved to me today in the studio. No really, he did.

Saturday, I ushered at Bill Hayes benefit concert. Bill is 80 years old. (And still hot) He plays the character Doug Williams on "Days of Our Lives" (An NBC show). I sat next to some of the stars of the show. He raised money so that the youth of our church can help build houses in New Orleans. (They better not come back with beads.)

George Charouhas, who is one of the promo mixers for NBC, went to see the musical Wicked with his family last week, they say it’s a must see.


Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest were on the show. Paula Abdul was late probably because, Acapulco, the restaurant across the street, has two for one Margaritas. (Paula Ab-drool) It was exciting to see all of them.

Randy looked hip hop cool. He has gained some of that weight back from his gastric bypass. I guess the food passed by it.

Jeff (The guy who dresses Jay) could have helped Ryan Seacrest dress today.
Jeff took the job away from a guy named Jefferson who is still hurt about it. Jefferson is now studying to be a Minister. (I guess he’s praying for Jeff.)

Tiki Barber was nice. I hope he is more interesting on the Today Show, than he was on the Tonight Show or else he’s going to be on no show.

Silversun Pickups was the musical guest and they have great fans. I couldn’t understand a word they said. The American Idols Judges didn’t care; they talked through the whole song.

Jay did his little dance, the one he always does no matter how good or how awful the band is. At lest he pretends. I think that’s nice. (Jay can’t dance)

Remember, you should give your time, talent, and treasure to what you believe in…

Love ya,