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GloZella vs Mothra...

Because I was late, I was sat in the back of the studio, and out of nowhere, this bird-like moth flew by my ear. I started to flap my hands around, and people thought I was having a seizure. I will be on time tomorrow. You don’t get attacked by insects in the front.


Bill Maher is so tough on President Bush. I can understand not having respect for the man, but have respect for the position. I can’t really say anything bad about Bill because he loves black women. He doesn’t care if they look like a hooker off the street, he will proudly bring them to an awards ceremony.

The President likes black women too, he just makes them the Secretary of State. Brown Rice is good for you.

Michael Holmes is a guy who jumped out of a plane, his parachute didn’t work, and he crashed and lived. He was walking with two canes one of them had a cup holder with a soda in it. Why do white people do these things? That’s why when white people die they always have to be found. They are found in mountains, caves, out at sea, or inside some animal. Why can’t white people die from natural causes, like a drive by or something?

Then if white people survive, they always want to go back and do the thing that almost killed them." The shark, like ,came out of, like, no where, and, like, bit me. And as soon as I, like, get another leg, I will surf again". I heard that on the news for real.

You never hear black people say" Yo, I got shot on dat corner right der, and as soon as get my pimped out wheelchair, I’ll chill on dat corner again man, believe dat".

Sharks and Mountain Lions, and Trained Tigers have no ideal what dark meat taste like.

Rodney Atkins was the Musical guest. His voice and look was great. I loved his song. It was about how his son is learning how to be a man, not by what the father says but what he does. It was beautiful, I love Rodney!

Remember, train a child in the way they should go, and when they are older they shall not depart from it… or jump out of it…

LoVe Ya,