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My Name is Glo…

I went to my apartment this week, and forgot I put down rat traps. Not the kind that snap, but the ones rodents get stuck to. I stepped on it bare foot and it stuck to my bare leg. I soon realized that my leg was moving.

The trap had three tiny mice on it and they were stuck to my leg! I didn’t know what to do. One was still alive. I was afraid if I pulled it, there will be Mickey guts everywhere. I couldn’t let it stay or ask someone to come over to help me. "Excuse me can you come over, I seemed to have gotten some mice stuck to my leg."

I could hear some faint squeaks coming from my leg. This was the worst day of my life. I sprayed my leg with bug spray, waited for silence then pulled. I washed my leg with turpentine and alcohol. This was traumatic. I should be banned from Disneyland.

In line, I sat next to Bob Schuch and Steve Cohen who were in line last Wednesday.

Also, Mark Vorce a hot, railroad engineer who works in Washington. (Come and ride the train)

I also met two Letter Carriers, Megan and Nathan from Minnesota who came to the show to celebrate Megan’s 23rd birthday. They got a picture with Jay.

In the front row was a group of guys who inspect lawns. Kevin Eubanks inspects grass also.

Margaret didn’t do Jay’s hair today. I need help with my head. My hair is so nappy Wilson couldn’t pick it.

I only want Vicky to sing. It is torture when Rollie Pollie screeches the song "Get it together" from his drum set. Smittty wasn’t nice to me three times. I just want someone to go to his drum set and change the "M" to an "H" ha, ha. (Forgive me Lord for that is not the Jesus way… He has to forgive me, it’s Lent).

Jamie Presley from the show "My Name is Earl" was beautiful and 7 months pregnant.
Some of the horny crew members were still staring at her chest.

Chef Gordon Ramsay was entertaining and rude. Gordon said the ‘F’ word like five times. (And it wasn’t food)

The musical guest, Gomez was great. It looked like the Geeks from "Beauty and the Geeks" got a band together.

Remember, It’s a small world after all…

LoVe ya,