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Oh, Glo she didn’t…

Wolfman’s named is Max. He is very smart. He loves Jay and has traveled different states to see him perform. Wolfman has been going to the "Tonight show With Jay Leno" for three years. (Not every day he also goes to other shows).

Max gets in line five o’clock in the morning and returns around noon.

Anthony a security guard told me that I couldn’t were a bathing suit to the show because there are 16 year olds in the audience. He said "THEY" had a meeting and "THEY" were upset with me. (Yes, now I’m known as "The infamous bathing suit girl…")

A page told me that "THEY" are mad at you. (Who are "THEY"?)

Mr. E. (The guy who used to open the curtains for Johnny Carson) told me I was very bad, and shamed his finger at me. (At least he’s being honest and not hiding behind "THEY") Then Anthony told him, that he told me, that I was to never wear a bathing suit again, or I was going to get kicked out for good.

After going to the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" over 100 times and not ever being picked to dance for a T-shirt. They always pick cute little beautiful people, and two elderly people. Either I have to lose weight, or age 30 years. I can tell you that the more you take off , the more it’s encouraged. So, I danced down to a bathing suit. I was never going to be picked, so I picked myself, and got my T-Shirt. (Maybe "THEY" just wanted me to cover up.)

Several of the staff told me I was good, including Bob, the warm up comedian.

I don’t know what to do… Oh, the pain and suffering….

Jay showed a clip of topless women in underwear in outer space during his monologue. (I guess "THEY" thought that was okay for 16 year olds.).


Celebrity Jeopardy was very funny today. They showed a clip of a woman on in a bathing suit lifting her legs on a scooter. (And "THEY" somehow thought that was okay for 16 year olds.)

Penelope Cruz was beautiful, classy and Her dress and hair was glamorous. She has a tattoo on her right ankle. Penelope showed a picture of her and her sister in a two piece bathing suit with a naked man in the background. (Of course "THEY" thought that was something all 16 year olds in the audience should see…)

Tyler Perry, is a handsome, talented, great, Christian comedy writer/actor. He was homeless, and now he goes on dates with Tyra Banks. Hey, he went from angst to Banks!

James Hunter was good. He’s not my flavor, but he is has a new twist on an old sound. He had this strange piece of hair that was hanging down his forehead.

Remember, don’t hate the player hate the game…

Love Ya,