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Tell Bob to slow down GloZell… (For 2-23-07)

On my porch today (3000 w. Alameda). I thought I saw a homeless man siting on my porch. Turns out that he wasn’t homeless but a great guy named Vaughn. Vaughn has a very outgoing personality. He offered a quarter to anyone who needs it to go to the Mobil bathroom. He was accompanied by his wife Jennie and his friends Tom and Marilyn.

I also sat next to Becki and Glen from the beautiful Sedona Arizona. They are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. They bought me hot chocolate and it saved my life; it was cold outside today.

Becki, Glen, Vaughn, Tom, and Marilyn got a picture with The Mighty Jay Leno!

I didn’t have a ticket today. I was in line and by 8:14 AM, all the tickets were gone.

Mike, a successful travel agent gave me a ticket. He had tickets for his co-workers Dreama, Lenie and Cheryl they decided to go shopping instead of going to the show, and Mike gave me a ticket. Shame on ya’ll.


Does this impress Ed Asner? Their was a guy who juggled plastic grocery bags, a lady who put her foot in her mouth, and Al Nobel a NBC worker who sang a song from the Temptations. I like to know who doesn’t impress Ed Asner? They all passed.

Joan Embery brought animals. They were so mild and tame. Jay loved the little monkey looking thing.

William H. Macy was just as boring as today’s blog. Most adult guests are dressed up. He looked like he just wanted to be comfortable. That was fine, he needed to sit up strait that way his man boobs wouldn’t show. (Don’t go to Victoria Secret they don’t carry A cups)

John Melencamp was simple and meaningful.

After the show, the monkey looking thing attacked Debbie one of the producers. She has sensitive skin.

When I got in my car I was almost hit by Bob the warm up comedian. Bob has a sweet silver Lexus and Zipped into the parking lot to the restaurant across the street. (Chill out Bob the ladies aren’t going anywhere)

Remember, a positive outlook on life is a great inheritance…

LoVe Ya,