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Welcome to Glo jungle…

In the ice cold studio I was reading my book by Jay Leno" Leading With My Chin" as music videos of past guest play on the big screen. The first on was a rapper named Busta.

A man behind me started complaining about how he hated "jungle music".

I didn’t say anything…

Soon, another rap song started to play, he said" Cut it off, cut it off, I hate that "D*** jungle monkey music, turn it off".

Still didn’t say anything…

Then the lady next to him, who clearly didn’t know how to whisper, said. "Hey that black girl in front of us, comes here every day, and has a blog, she needs to get a life, ha ha.

The guy said. "I don’t care, I hate jungle music. You’d think they would play better stuff than this jungle garbage at the Tonight Show".

After the show I wished him, and the rest of his imps, a happy Back History Month (Martin Luther King would be so proud) It took God, and a few Angels, for me to only say that. (Please take the time to sing "We Shall Over Come"… I’ll wait)

John Melendez, usually has diet soda in his coffee cup but today… Sunkist! (Yeah, that lady might be right)


Chris Isaac at the Grammy’s. Chris was very funny and easy on the eyes. He is so good looking, he doesn’t even look real in person. He looks like a painting. The Manalisa.

Nicholas Cage. Who cast him as a superhero? I like him, I think he is a good actor. Ghost Rider is going to floppy, flop, flop. It would be all right if they tried to pass it off as a comedy. It looks terrible. They could have cast someone who is good looking. I would love to see him play something more believable, like Liberace’s life story.

Nick said, he always loved the comic book Ghost Rider growing up. In that case, cast me as the Bionic Woman.

D.J. Sampson and Sam Ballerini two kids who got a bill passed to make the Garter snake the State Reptile in Massachusetts. (Whoop-dee-do).

The Fray was the musical guest. The only thing interesting about them was the drummer who smiles, on the 2nd and 4th beat on the song. (My B.F.A., Nicholas Cagein Musical Theatre from U.F.(Go Gators!) comes in so handy)

Remember, Ignorance is bliss… And there are a whole lot of blissful people out there…

Love Ya,