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Glo, Africa will fly away from Nick Nolte…

I decided this Monday I will start the "GloZell Is In Line Everyday Hoping To Be A Corespondent For The Tonight Show Exercise Program", or GIILEHTBACFTTSEP for short. Yes, I will use my time wisely. (And some people think I’m nuts... ha, I say)

In line today I met Carolyn, who is visiting her son Troy, who is a research Analyst for the Tonight show with Jay Leno. She is so proud she told me four times. (Either she is proud or forgetful) I hope Carolyn enjoys her visit.

Bernadette and Oralia stopped by to say hi! They are on their way to Rib USA for lunch, because the guys who work at BET eat there. That’s right ladies take charge of your love life through the ribs. (That’s how Eve did it)

My lunch came today from Linda and Tom Anderson. They are traveling with their nice Julie, and her fiancé’ William. This week he got a speeding ticket, his luggage lost, and stood in line all day just to not get into the Price is Right. Julie didn’t have her ID.

They wanted to meet John Melendez; I ended up sitting next to him and asked John if he could just say hi to them. John spoke to them and then asked my how my blog was going. I love John Melendez. (He should be nice - he gets 2 million dollars a year to raise a cup)

My ticket came from Suzzane. Her daughter Lyn and her husband Windell have been married for 56 years. Three months ago Suzzane had 4th stage lung cancer. Three weeks ago, the doctors couldn’t find a trace of the cancer. She asked me to pray that the cancer doesn’t come back! I took her by the hands and said, "in the name of Jesus, I rebuke the devil, and I plead the blood of Jesus washes over her, and pray that the cancer never returns!" Amen. Suzzane was picked to dance and got a T-shirt. She had a great time! Thanks BOB!

Today, they picked out people to ask Jay a question. I knew it, because they always send out this nice guy, who looks like Ellen, to interview people.


Nick Nolte. Okay…he was the third guest this week that seemed to have had a couple of drinks before the show. The show tapes at 4:30 PM. Who gets drunk in the afternoon? Why not make things easier and shoot at the Betty Ford clinic? Nick was a slap mess. Who knows what he was babbling on about.

Ruud Kleinpaste, AKA the bug man. He had this huge African Beetle that flew away and landed on a light above my head. This Harriet Tubman of a beetle was making a dash for freedom, from da white man. I think I heard it singing "Swing low".

Guster, was the musical guest.(click here for the bands official website) I thought they had a cool old sound, like the Mommas and the Poppas or the Beetles (not the scary African ones)

I sure do wish they would book someone good looking like Gerard Butler because todays guest hurt my eyes.

Remember, beware of difficulties, but believe they can be overcome…

LoVe Ya,