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Glo, Their are Some Scary Gerry Fans…

In line I sat next to Amber who doesn’t talk before 9:00 am, and her best friend Carley who played hooky from work. They are die-hard Gerard Butler fans along with Mariko who should have her own show because she is so funny. They talked about how they got back at a cheating man. Mariko did so many things to a guy who cheating on her, I’m surprised she isn’t in jail. (She scared me just a little).

I was holding a spot in line for Mary. Mary is a very successful editor for MTV.

When Mary arrived this lady, named Lavender, walked up to us and said. "You can’t let anyone cut in line, I can get very violent and stomp you with my boots, I have very heavy boots".

I couldn’t believe that I was being threatened in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, line. Lavender had a cross around her neck. I wonder what boot stomping denomination her church belongs to.

Then 2:30 PM after most of us was in line since 7:00 AM. Two "ladies" jumped the line and wouldn’t move because they said they’ve been in line for 30 minutes. I wanted to get Rev. Dr. Harold C. Skillrud a Lutheran Bishop who was in the line to read them their last rights because it was about to go down.

Tony (Jay Leno’s security guard) had to come out and remove the two "ladies" from line. (Ha-ha)…

It was such a wild day. I had so much fun!


Queen Latiffah was funny and was celebrating her birthday, with a large tequila shot
Given to her by Jay. (Who doesn’t drink). I wanted to see the next guest, to see what all the fuss was about.

Gerard Butler. I can’t say anything bad about him, for fear of my life. I think his fans enjoyed the interview. Lavender, was thrilled – She had made it in. Jay got Carley and Amber Gerry’s autograph. I pray Gerry never make them mad. (They were cute but they can be evil.)

Remember, men, there is nothing like a woman scorned…

LoVe Ya,