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GloZell is Korny…

In the 8:00 AM line, I again met Sergio. The last time Sergio was at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jay signed a copy of Jay’s children’s book "If Roast Beef could fly " during one of the breaks.

Wolfman and Sergio raced to the line to be first. Sergio won.

Wolfman collects two stacks of tickets and a cue card after the shows he goes to. I wonder if he is trying to build a clubhouse? (If you build it, Jay will come).

Tomorrow is the last day for three NBC pages. Nasim M. who will be working for Universal Pictures and is best friends and roommates with the page Ashley. Nasim has another friend name Chris who should be "beneficial", he is hot! Alexis (Zoo) who is a very talented actor and musician and Jordan who doesn’t want a job, he did the page thing to pacify his parents who have clout and are rich. I will miss y’all

In line, Sergio and I met an albino who said he was in the band Korn. We didn’t believe him.

John Melendez gave me his Coke. I know it’s because he didn’t want to drik it all, because he use to be fat and he had to put something in the cup. I felt special!


Howie Mandel. I think he comes on the show when there is no one else. Howie told everyone to look under their chair to get a Deal or no Deal game. The only lady who had a game under her chair didn’t find it in time. (No deal)

At a spa under waxing, you can order the "Howie Mandel". My first Bikini wax I had to do here in California was a disaster. My client went from wanting a bikini to a Brazilian, which I had never done. I thought to myself, does this woman realize where I have to put this hot wax? I ended up hot gluing her Va Jy Jy shut. She paid, tipped me and never came back.

To this day I wondered how she unglued it, and went to the bathroom that day.

Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC’s, How to catch a predator. (I think I met him when I was 14)

The musical guest was Korn they rocked! The set was visually stimulating. They used so many drums and colorful people, except one, the albino guy singing with the band.

Remember, Look pass the complexion to see a reflection…

LoVe Ya,