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GloZell is smarter than a 5th Grade Redneck…

It was so cold and windy a little white girl with ruby slippers flew by, and her little dog too. "The Tonight show with Jay Leno" gave us all hot chocolate. It saved our lives. Thanks!

I sat next to Shawna, from Washington, who has traveled all over the world serving our country, also Kevin, an engineer, and his wife of three years, Melinda who is a kindergarten teacher. They got a picture with Jay!

Rachel of the local paper "The Burbank Leader" interviewed me. She wanted to know what has happened to the mailbox that is painted like R2-D2 from Star Wars. I told her that I’ve seen a guy dressed like Darth Vader make out with it.

Jeff (Jay’s wardrobe guy) was dressed like a normal person today! Jeff has about 50 pairs of pants with loud patterns and prints. Hey Jeff can you please tell cameraman #6 to please stop wearing white sport socks with loafers and high water jeans. It is your duty!

I noticed that the female pages have been sprucing it up a little. One female page today, curled her hair, wore fake designer glasses and red lipstick. Can it be because of Christopher, the new hot page? Yep, Thank you Scott, or whoever hired him, because he is so good looking.


Jeff Foxworthy is always funny. I love him because he is so nice. Every time he’s on the show, he gives us stuff. Today we got Jeff Foxworthy Beef Jerky. It has a great taste but you have to have some strong horse like teeth to chew it.

I enjoy his show "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader".

Charlie Engle, Kevin Lin, and Ray Zahab who ran across the Sahara Desert. Charlie and Ray are motivational Speakers. I’m a motivational Speaker also. I’m speaking this Thursday at Charles W. Barrett Elementary School. I am talking about my adventures. In four months it will be my 1 year anniversary of going to the Tonight Show. I guess I’ll stop then, no one can say I didn’t try harder that anyone else to be a corespondent for the show. It’s been a great year. I have met some great people and seen a great show!

Dierks Bentley was the musical guest. He had a great sound and he is so good looking. Dierks looks like the new hot page, Christopher.

After the show, I met Joseph M. Block and his hot girlfriend Anita. He was on the show Beauty and the Geek last year. I love that show.

Remember, Know when to walk away…

LoVe Ya,