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GloZell O’Green…

I got my ticket today from Mary and Tim McCarthy from Martinez California, Home of the Martinis. Mary was happy to find Krazy Glue at the Mobil station across the street, Home of the ridiculously high priced gas.

They are playing hooky from work. Mary works for Longs Drug Store and Tim is a Technical Engineer and computer software guy. They were so nice, they gave me cookies and bought me a bottle of NBC water. Tim plays the guitar and they Tivo the Tonight Show with Jay Leno every night. During the tapping, Tim massaged Mary’s shoulders.

Also in line was Tiffany, a window washer. She has been to the show before and has met Jay. I think Tiffany could be a model if she took out one of her face piercings and dyed her roots. Tiffany has a pretty face, and a model’s body. Use it girl! She will be back in April.

A sister of one of the pages was here today. She was pretty, with a high voice. She talked about how, on the plane, they were showing the movie "Happy Feet" and how she freaked when she saw the Hollywood sign. Alexia, I hope you have a great time and have a safe trip back to New York. You are a little less snobby than your brother is. (Just a little)

In the studio, the on stage security guard Andy, AKA "The Hair" wasn’t there today. (He’s Irish and I bet is starting off his weekend early) I saw five people using cell phones. He’s the one who normally stops them. His replacement was too busy looking at the videos to catch anything. Then during the show, while the security guard was off to the side, he picked his nose, and rolled the green booger with his fingers. At least do that in your car, at the light, like a civilized person! (Gross)


Terry Bradshaw. Was all over the place. I think he is a functioning acholic, or he needs medication. He is a great guest when they can’t get anybody else. He talked about nothing, because he had nothing to talk about. Terry told some jokes and said, "I wonder why I’m not hosting this show?" (Ooh, ooh, I know why… because you’re not funny) He is a favorite on the show, and I would like to see him again when he has something to advertise, even if it’s AA.

Terry said he introduced himself to a male model, because the model was so good-looking he couldn’t take his eyes off him. Terry, please, take the first step. The First Christian Church of NoHo has a great AA program.

I think the Producers of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno thought… How many old white guys can we get on the show this month? Yesterday, it was Dan Rather, today Terry Bradshaw. Next week, tune in to see Jay interview Santa Claus and the Grim Reaper.

Mary Lynn Rajskub from the show "24". She looks better in person, and she is very funny. (Next)

Musical Guest was this tiny black guy named Musiq Soulchild… I don’t know what he sang because, I was wondering if his clothes were going to continue to eat him. They were so big. If you look to the right, I think there was a Pigmy singing background in a red sweatshirt. And you thought Angelina Jolie was helping the Africans.

Please don’t repeat this show. Hopefully people will just watch the monologue, Jay Walking, and go to sleep.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

Remember, everyday is lucky, because you are here to enjoy it.

LoVe Ya,

GloZell O’Green