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GloZell there are two Smitty’s!...

In line I sat next to John and Carolynn, from Saskatchewan Canada. Poor John, ever since they arrived he has been peeing red crystals. John is a Geologist. I said, If any one knows about crystals it’s you. They were nice and bought me a hot dog. (Place joke here.)

John and Carolynn said that the page working behind the counter today is rude, and not a people person. Right away, I knew whom they were talking about. I walked over to see, and sure enough, it was Jason K. (The one with a lot of hair but still has a comb over) I have seen him being mean to the guests first hand. He is a snot, who knows how to kiss up to his bosses. Jason K. can’t you kiss up and be nice?

Smitty’s drum has a picture of himself on it. It’s hideous. This weekend, I will audition new nicer drummers for the show. (Smitty was mean to me 3 1/2 times. Maybe I can play Smitty’s drums and beat on his face.)

Bob, the warm up comedian was nice and tried to throw a T.S. bag at me but the guy in front of me swan dived and caught it. Thanks anyway, Bob.


Hillary Swank looked hot in a simple tight gray dress. I didn’t like the white heels but she was still hot. Speaking of clothes, Jeff (Jay’s wardrobe guy) please help the guy on camera #3. He was wearing white sports socks with loafers and high water jeans… Again!

Carlos Mencia was very funny. I enjoyed him and I hope he comes back before Terry Bradshaw. They love that funny drunk.

Gym Class Heroes was the musical guest. They were different in a good way. I describe them as alternative-punk-rap.

Remember, it’s not what you do, but why you do it…

LoVa Ya,