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GloZell’s Chemical Romance…

I got my ticket today from some Texans. Danny who works for the Government, his wife Gloria who teaches Pre-K and Danny’s proud Catholic mother Lydia.

I got lunch from Ryan O’Connor, Melissa Strauss (who is very hot… she made me write that) Kami Knudsen and JP Strate. Thanks for the hot dog and large root beer float.

In line, a guy named Crazy Mark from Pittsburgh entertained us. He talked three hours straight, and even during the show.

In the studio, it was nice seeing everyone from the show except Smitty, the troll who plays drums for the show. (He was mean to me three times, and that’s not a charm) I don’t give a Smit about him.

Rest in peace Richard Jeni, who passed away this last Saturday. He was a comedian who frequently appeared on the Tonight Show (Both Johnny and Jay)… Which means his spot on the show, is now open for me (Hint, Hint).


Mark Wahlberg’s good looking. (Next)

Brad Garrett. You remember the ogre from the show "Everybody loves Raymond". His comedy is funny, in a racist sort of way. I’m hope they edited some of the comments he made, but he was a very good guest.

Brad was making rude comments about Native Americans, Gay’s and other races. He had an unusually dark tan today. He’d better check his own heritage Brad might not be completely from the chosen people. He might be incogNegro. (8 foot Jew, come on)

The musical guest was "My Chemical Romance". They were great! Their fans stood up and knew all the words to the song. They had great energy! The lead singer after the show thanked his fans. The Tonight show with Jay Leno had a great background for them. Fire shot out from behind them. Thanks for an outstanding performance. I’m a fan.
They were refreshing, I have seen some horrible live musical acts, like Robin Thicke.

Remember, don’t throw stones when you live in an 8-foot glass house…

LoVe ya,