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GloZell’s New Career…

I received an e-mail inviting me to go to career day at Charles W. Barrett Elementary School. I responded yes. On the way to the school, I realize that I don’t know what career they want me to talk about. I’ve had many. I get to the school and there's a sign that said "Welcome Glo Zell Actor/Singer with The Jay Leno Show."

I have no idea who recommended me for this, or how they got my name. I didn’t know anybody there.

Oh My! I stood there looking at the sign. What am I going to do? They think I’m Vicky the lady who sings on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Do black people watch the show? I told them I was independent of NBC, and that I’m out there to have fun, and to write a blog about it. I thanked Principal Precious Robinson.(No really, that is her name...Principal Precious)

After hearing the second graders talk about their hard times in life and how they were going to go to college someday, I knew I couldn’t leave. I sat next to the first black this and the first black that. I felt so stupid for being there. The only black people who were missing were Oprah and Dr. Martin Luther King. I went to the classrooms and talked about the show, and what I do. I did some comedy, and they liked me.

I told them that I have met hundreds of people in the line, at the Tonight Show and not once has anyone said anything bad about Jay Leno. A little girl asked me who was Jay Leno. (They didn’t know who Jay was but they still enjoyed me!)

In the very short line today (the studio wasn’t full) I met Jon and Talon who got a picture with Jay.

Jon works for Cox Communication and Talon does illustrations for fantasy games. Mary stopped by from MTV on her lunch break and took pictures. Love her.

I also met Gary Bennett who lovesHooters restaurant, and his beautiful companion Marsha Hass,(in the photo below) who is a retired dance coach. They love to travel the world.

The show line up seemed like it was going to be boring. As you can see from this photo below, very few people showed up. Mary came by and took this shot about 30 minutes before we all lined up to go into the studio. Maybe if they had announced that TWO legends PLUS Ross the Intern were going to be on the show, I think more people would have shown up. It turned out to be one of the best shows.

To the female page who always does her hair, and takes time to fix herself up everyday. Hats off to you. You inspire me to get it together I don’t know who you do it. No one else does.


The legendary Little Richard was awesome. He was dressed in gold and his bling-bling. He has trouble walking, so he was rolled out in grand fashion. Oh, yeah, he was with the kid that got kicked of American Idol. (The guy who has a good voice and looks like a cabbage patch kid.)

Ross the Intern. Love him to pieces! When is he going to get his own show?

Cambell Brown, who is pretty and very intelligent. Most news people who come on the show are boring. Cambell was just right, she kept our interest and she was only on for one segment. Thanks

Will Arnett is very funny. I can’t wait to see him in the movie "Blades of Glory".

The musical guess was a Jazz musician named Dave Koz who featured Johnny Mathis. Two legends on one show! Johnny had on a green sweatshirt and some wrinkled khaki pants. Chances are he had something else he could wear.

Remember, you don’t have to be rich and famous to influence a child…

LoVe Ya,