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"Jay is a good kisser, GloZell!…" Take 2

I don't know who picks the repeat shows, because I wouldn't have picked this one, but tune in to see Matt Lauer tight high waisted Steve Erkell Jeans. His boys were a little crushed on the right side.

Here's the recap from that show -

In the studio, this lady gets to take a picture with Jay Leno. She said that she heard that he was a good kisser. Honey chile', Jay kissed the 7734 out of her. I started to count 1 Go Gators, 2 Go Gators, 3 Go Gaters, etc. I made it to 15 Go Gators! Jay was off the chain. Nobody knew what to do because the kiss went on for so long. I mean a long time.

I bet that lady thought Jay was going to leave his wife of 26 years, marry her, have his gray haired children, and drive off in one of his cars. Ha! Well he didn’t, but he really, really kissed her. The audience, staff and GloZell could not believe it. That lady needed a cigarette afterwards. It should have been me! (I could have been a contender!) I show up everyday and barely get an handshake. (Bitter, party of one)

Donald Trump gave us all hot chocolate during the show. I thought Jay was going to ask about his feud with Rosie, but he didn’t, and nothing was said about that. Donald’s hair wasn’t as fugly as I thought, but his face had this fake tan stuff that didn’t look normal.

I sat next to the Olsons, from Illinois. Mr. Olson is a race car driver, who was picked to dance on stage. He couldn’t dance so he started to take off his clothes. Mrs. Olson was so nice to me, they both asked me questions about the show, and I loved answering them. They were special guests of Jay’s and took a picture with him after the show, along with their friends the Greene’s.


Ross the Intern, at the Golden Globes. Ross has lost some weight. He is on the show "Celebrity Fitness". He is so fairy funny. I’m looking forward to work with him someday soon.

Matt Lauer from the "Today" show was a good guest. His jeans were too tight in the crotch. His poor twig and berries looked like they were praying for freedom.

The Ragonese’s, are a couple in their 70’s, who beat up robbers that came into their store with a bat and a cane. The robbers must have been 90 years old. The Ragonese’s were funny, and were jamming to the music every break.

The musical guest, the "All American Rejects" had a great sound and a huge fan base. They looked like cute dirty haired white boys. After the show, the lead singer was holding hands with the drummer.

Today was a very unusual affectionate show.

Remember, you are as young as you feel… or who you feel…

Love Ya,