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Blades of GloZie...

In line today I met Christi and Kevin from Tulsa Oklahoma. Kevin was getting his eyes checked, and Christi was working at the eye place, Kevin asked her out and they have been seeing each other for two years. (Get it, seeing each other… I’m so funny)

They went to the Price is Right. Christi won a Ford Truck and made it to the Showcase Show Down. How cool is that! They got in line at Midnight, and camped out all night. It was worth it. The show will air April 20th.

I got my ticket today from some cool Ohio State Boys on Spring Break. Jason, Justin (who turned 19 today) Todd (Who almost got hit Jaywalking across the street) and Jeremy, AKA the Pizza Dude! They were so funny and really made the day go fast.

I helped another Christi, and Jennifer who are in nursing and Elena who is Pre Med. get tickets. They also got a picture with Jay.

Out of the blue sky Mary showed up and took pictures for my blog. Mary is the greatest! The few pictures I have on my blog are because of her. She stopped by, during her lunch break. She is a high, powerful editor for MTV. Her blog is Fightin’ Mad Mary.

In the ice-cold studio, I found out that it was Larry’s (a NBC Page) last day. He got a job! Good for you because, I know you get paid shiz nit as a page.

Jeramiha’s birthday was last Tuesday. He is a pretty good page.

Someone asked me if I thought Kevin Eubanks was gay. Why would anyone think he was gay? Just because he plays an instrument… not married… no kids… never seen with a girl… and wears tight sweaters… OH MY GOODNESS!


The lead singer from the music group "The Flaming Lips" did bit for the show. I would rather the show bring back "Iron Jay", or some other character Jay use to do.

Will Ferrell did not disappoint. I love him. I love him. I love him. His outfit was tight and had holes in it. I could see his red briefs through a hole in the back. He is so funny. Please go see his movie "Blades Of Glory" I know it looks stupid, but it’s a good, stupid, funny.

Sen. Joe Biden… Who is running for president, was so clean and articulate. To bad, he is not going to win. (Next)

Paolo Nutini was the musical guest. I promise I didn’t understand what this guy was singing. I truly thought he was stoned, and speaking another language. I managed to make out something about shoes. The band had a great sound and if they had an interpreter, I would have enjoyed it more.

Remember, You don’t have to know what’s in someone else’s closet, just clean out your own…

LoVe ya,